Pathway to Positive Change
There is nothing easy about change.  We don't like the way it feels. It's easy to convince ourselves that it isn't necessary.  We might even feel sure that we are not capable of changing.  Change takes willingness, effort and perserverence.  Have I scared you away yet?  I don't want to.  I do want to be real with you.  I won't make empty promises about how I can change you after a few well rehearsed interventions. Change is a journey that I would like to take with you. I  have years of experience of walking with people who have opened their eyes, hearts and minds to the possibility of something different. You don't have to fling the door wide open.  Just a crack will do to start.

I invite you to look into yourself and ask the following questions. Is what I am doing working?  Do I know how to do it differently?  Am I ready to ask someone for help?  If you are willing to be open to the possibility of change, we can take the necessary steps together.  Whether you choose to do it now or later; with someone else or with me, I wish you success in your journey.